SALE In-Stock Sets of 6 Suedecloth Stay-Dry Diaper Liners

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I've tried virtually every stay-dry fabric on the market, and nothing matches the durability and effectiveness of Alova Suedecloth. While other fabrics like microfleece pill and thin in just a few weeks, suedecloth stays virtually unchanged many, many months after initial use.  Suedecloth wicks moisture away from baby's skin and does wonders to keep rashes at bay and protect diapers from stains. This is a wonderfully helpful, sturdy set of 6 oversized Alova suedecloth diaper liners that will wash and wear beautifully without any rolling on the serged edges.

You can fold these liners to fit as you prefer or you can use them as I've demonstrated in the photos above (to get better wetness protection and to ensure that all poo will be on the liner--instead of just a portion of it as with most of the liners on the market).  I did not photograph this step, but remember--treat your liner as you would your cloth diaper and tuck in any exposed portion back underneath your diaper cover.  

This set of 6 liners will give you a nice number of liners to start with--at a minimum, this will be enough to keep baby dry and comfy for naps and nights, (so you can get some rest, too!).  Because of my baby's sensitive skin, I actually used these liners in every diaper for about 2 years (that's a 2 year old liner in the demo photo!).  My own baby never minded having a wet diaper, but her skin certainly did--she used to redden everywhere her skin was exposed to wetness.  In addition to the rash-prevention, which was certainly a life-saver for us, I found using these generously sized liners had wonderful side benefits for our family: it prevented diaper stains from appearing on our most prized diapers (our small collection of Snug Bugs), and it prevented build-up issues when we were using certain types of rash cream.  Most of all, the benefits for clean-up were amazing.  These liners are significantly larger than standard offerings, so this liner will catch everything your baby dishes out.  I'm not sure what your diaper-changing station is like, but in my home, having these liners means that for a poopy diaper I can put my diaper in the pail, pick up only the liner (by its four corners) and easily transport it to the bathroom where--since poo tends to roll right off of suedecloth--any spraying, dunking and swishing are kept to a minimum.  

Because of the way moisture moves through stay-dry fabrics, having a separate stay-dry layer instead of combining it with an absorbent insert will greatly improve the washability and sanitation of your diapers.  Having a separate liner is also great when it comes time to potty train your baby!  Simply decrease or cease your liner use and baby will learn about what causes that wet feeling.  

Colors: Currently these are offered in all Snug Bug diaper colors (including mixed-color sets), so you can create a beautifully matched set.  

Approx. 9" x 14"

Handmade in North Carolina 


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