SALE! Polartec® Fleece Soaker Shorties and Longies

$ 15.25

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Prices Sweet Iris' specializes in creating practical luxury goods for babies and toddlers, with an emphasis on products with skin-friendly breathability. These Polartec® fleece shorties and longies exemplify all of those traits. Now in 9 unique colors and textures, 6 of them are' the perennial favorite sweater-knit fleeces (they look like a sweater on the outside, but are soft and plush on the inside).  To properly finish off the pretty look of Sweet Iris' unique fleeces, brand new to the shop, all longies will now feature a true cover-stitched hem (for visual reference, check the hem of a t-shirt).  Each soaker is given the shop's characteristic attention to detail.  

These soakers are extremely easy to use and care for (just turn inside out and wash with like-colored clothing).  Most of all, since they are diaper covers that double as outerwear, they make cloth diaper changes as fast and easy as disposable changes, and lower the overall cost of cloth diapering.  

Because they are made of genuine Polartec® fleece, Sweet Iris' soakers won't thin and pill like standard soakers, so they maintain their efficacy and good looks throughout the time that your baby fits in the size instead of degrading in a few short weeks like common fleeces.  The unique construction of Polartec® is the reason for the remarkable difference in quality, durability and thickness. Polartec® fleece is thicker than other fleeces and its fibers stand upright rather than matting. The fleece is thick and effective enough to use overnight (over appropriately absorbent diapers, of course), but not the absolute thickest Polartec® on the market, for your baby's comfort and so that you'll be able to use your breathable fleece year-round. 

Polartec® fleece is surprisingly eco-friendly; it is made for durability and made in America, so lightweight fleece takes less energy to ship, less energy to dry, and won't need to be replaced as often as other products.  Polartec® is the only type of fleece to be accepted into the Common Threads Garment recycling program. When your Sweet Iris soaker has been worn by as many babies as it can (and hopefully that will take a while!) simply send it to Common Threads to be recycled back into yarn and then new garments.

COLORS: Three brand new fleece colors aren't pictured here, but all are in everybody's favorite sweater-knit fleece: a gorgeous heathered turquoise/teal, a solid-colored persimmon (deep orange), and a very slightly heathered fun/lovely fuchsia pink. Goldenrod, silver, and purple, the other sweater-knit colors are still available, as are the more traditional fleece velours black and scarlet red, and the woven-look navy fleece.  

SIZING: This is a handmade product, so all measurements are approximate. The age ranges listed below are educated guesses only - please choose sizes based on measurements. The following measurements are for the longies at rest.  If your child will be wearing fluffy fitted diapers, you may want to go up a size.  

Small (0-4 months): Rise 15", Waist 13", Hip 17", Longies Inseam 6.5" 

Medium (5-10 months): Rise 17", Waist 14.5", Hip 19", Longies Inseam 9

Large (8-18 mo.) Rise 19", Waist 16", Hip 21", Longies Inseam 10

XL (15 mo. - 2 years) : Rise 21", Waist 17", Hip 23", Longies Inseam 12


Soakers are handmade in North Carolina; 100% polyester Polartec® fabric made in the USA

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